Odd Subscription

    $28 / Ships Monthly on the 1st of each month

    On the 1st Monday of each month we’ll ship you (2) 12oz. bags of Oddfellow coffee including a highly rated Single Origin and a dynamic blend from a constantly evolving series starting with our first blend, Odd House.

    Single Origin: Ethiopia Sidama Shantawene Village is our launch offering, a magnificent 92pt coffee from the Shantawene Village in the Bombe mountains. Certified organic, this coffee has a complex profile that includes sweet citrus, fresh flowers and honey tangerine.

    Blend Profile: Blends are typically a mix of beans from different continents such as Brazillian mixed with Ethiopian, the classic ‘trail mix’ whose profiles are a sweet balance of citrus and bright acids infused with chocolates, nuts and an earthy presence.

    We’re interested in creating interesting blends and beautiful combinations depending on what each season gives us. We’ll include the breakdown of each set so you’ll know exactly what goes into your morning brew. .

    Roast Level: Each bean is roasted to draw out its most expressive qualities.

    All subscription coffee ships on the 1st Monday of every month. All subscription coffee bills on the 1st day of the month.

    Next shipment: August 1, 2020