Featured Monthly Artist: Duncan Johnson

“Flat-panel Woodworker Extraordinaire”

Duncan Johnson is a strange, interesting man and I love him. He is also perhaps one of the most innately creative artists I’ve ever met. His skill level is so high that a new work becomes a finished work before you turn your head. And by finished work I mean not just something that’d look great in a gallery, or your home, but something that often doesn’t look like anything that came before it.

“Duncan,” I say, “I need 30 more of those, pronto!”

Which is how so many artists work. Develop a schtick then run with it until you die. But not Duncan. He’s developed so many different avenues to his art that you easily could run a few generations of artists working off his themes, inventions and cast-off ideas. Each visit to his studio is an adventure and something I circle on my calendar every time I know it’s about to happen.

He’s also a beautifully surreal photographer. I believe Max Ernst would have loved him as well.

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