Moccamaster | A hero of modern design | Oddfellow Coffee Co.


The rules to every electric coffeemaker are basically all the same:

1. Add coffee 2. Add water 3. Turn it on

That said, not all electric brewers are the same. Check out this fascinating article on the history of Technivorm:

If you still won’t pony up for a Moccamaster then get used to the daily pour-over. We love them both, but having a restaurant-quality home brewer at the ready, nevermind one that basically looks like a launch pad at Cape Canaveral, is a deeply comforting feeling.

Moccamaster | A hero of modern design | Oddfellow Coffee Co.
The ultimate governing coffee body on the planet, the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) has certified just a few home brewers, and Techniform and Bonavita are at the absolute top of the mountain. Check out the SCA 1. Because it’s awesome and Oddfellow is a member 2. If you want to deepen your understanding of coffee including roasting, farming, importing, brewing, craft guilds and science, then the SCA is the way to go.
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