Cold brew | YAMA TOWER COLD BREW | Oddfellow Coffee Co.


  • Make sure Yama tower is level
  • Grind 112g of freshly roasted coffee
  • Fill top beaker with 1000g of filtered ice and filtered water
  • Set ceramic filter into middle beaker
  • Add ground coffee to middle beaker
  • Wet paper filter then place on top of ground coffee (do not indent)
  • Open water valve to 4 drops every 6 seconds (40 drips a minute)
  • Remove middle beaker once brew stops dripping into bottom beaker (about 8 hours)
  • Note: Now you have a concentrate! Cut with water (1.5:1) to taste.


  • Coffee to Water ratio for 32 oz tower: 11.8g coffee per 100g water
  • Coffee: 112g  
  • Water : 1000g  
  • Grind: Med. Coarse  
  • Total Brew Time: 8 hours
  • Drip Speed: 40 drips per minute (4 drips every 6 seconds)
  • Brew Key: Let the concentrate age for a few days before pouring.
  • Requirements: Yama Tower, filter, coffee, filtered water, filtered ice
  • Note: Like any quality coffee, taste is influenced by bean, grind and roast. You’ll need to experiment a number of times before you find the perfect cold brew method that fits your palate.
  • Note #2: The second image isn’t for a Yama tower, we just liked the pic.