How To, Duh.

A Brief History of Brewing Equipment & Brew Methodology

Coffee was discovered about a thousand years ago, eaten as a mash for the first 300, then roasted for consumption as a hot beverage for the last 700 with the first coffeeshop founded in Constantinople in 1455. Over the millenia a near infinite array of equipment has been developed to maximize both the quality of the brew and the aesthetic of the process.

The oldest of the modern brew methods is the ​French Press​, invented by in Italy by Paolii Ugo in 1929, just as the Depression got underway. The next most recent contraption is the Chemex​, invented the United States in 1941. These singular inventions are the two pillars from which all modern hand-brewed coffee mechanisms are derived. French Press is an immersion-style brewer; Chemex is the classic Pour-Over. Once you add the complexity of an electric brewer, a particular favorite being the ​Technivorm Moccamaster​ (Netherlands, 1968), then the full triangle of modern brew methods is complete. Unless you include espresso, but that has less to do with brewing and more to do with pressurized extraction. Espresso deserves its own section, and will have it soon enough. ”

Brew Methods

French Press


Kalita Wave


Cold brew


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