Featured Artist: Madge Evers


I have only met Madge Evers once. I’m Sales Manager at a local winery and by night I wrangle Oddfellow. But it was an early afternoon and I’d been pouring wine for a few guests when I heard one of them talking about a print series they were working on.

“Prints!” I said, “What kind of work do you do?”

I don’t normally have high expectations for the occasional artist website, this was mostly just conversation as happens in a tasting room. Madge showed me her website and it blew my mind. Using high-resolution photography, Madge captures images of mushroom spores that become otherworldly. Looking at her work is like giving yourself over to an unexpected and delightful conversation about the origins of the universe by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Immerse yourself, marvel at a world you’ve never seen, then step back and ponder the love it took create these remarkable images. Her work still blows me away and I’m grateful to be able to share them.

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