Oddfellow, located in the hills of Western Massachusetts, is named after the old Odd Fellows unions (founded in Great Britain in the early 1700’s) whose inception led to such amazing innovations as insurance, unions and a burgeoning self-awareness of the existence of a middle class, things we not only take for granted in the 21st century, but things we’re also in the process of undoing. The Odd Fellows were also banned, on at least one occasion, by the Monarchy as a threat to the Monarchy’s power.

Sound at all familiar in 2020? In many ways a lot of today’s coffee farmers are in the same position as the old rural English craftsmen who established the first Odd Fellows unions. We plan to introduce you to these farmers, share their stories and in doing so make the world a bit smaller than it already is.

We also plan to introduce you to a TON of artists because all monarchies need a bit of opposition, and somehow it always begins with art.

Lastly, outside of a brand new Diedrich IR-12, Oddfellow has been built on the proverbial if not literal shoestring, a true labor of love. This is, end of the day, a promise kept and a choice made about how one lives their life. Keep that in mind as you make your choices with coffee and everything else you do. Small planet, small family, you know?


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